Residential Roofing Services

What Residential Roofing Services do you offer?

As a licensed and certified professional residential roofing contractor, SOS Roofing offers all roofing services for your home. We specialize in asphalt shingle roofing services and Flat roof or TPO roofing. Our list of services include:

  • Roof repair services
  • Roof Replacement services
  • Flat roof repair and replacement
  • Wind Damage Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement services
  • Insurance and Roof Warranty claims

Explanation of Roof Replacement Services

Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

There are times when damage sustained by a roof requires more than a simple roof repair or patch job. There will also come a time when the life of your roof has been fully realized and you are in need of a re-roof. If you are noticing any of the following about your roof, you should consider a roof replacement.

  • Curling or rotted shingles
  • Water damage to interior ceilings
  • Loose or popped nails
  • Fiberglass strands showing in shingle
  • Large areas of shingles missing
  • Excessive wind or hail damage

Once you’ve determined that you have a bigger problem than a simple repair can handle, waste no time and call SOS Roofing. We provide roof replacement services from Brigham City to Ogden, from Morgan to Layton, and from Bountiful to North Salt Lake.

New Roof or Recover?

Our roofing experts may not always recommend tearing off your existing roof and installing a new roof.  Sometimes a recover is all you need.  Our team of roofing professionals will inspect your roof and provide their expert recommendation for you to consider.  

Backed by the best warranty in the industry!

SOS Roofing professionals can replace your roof quickly to keep your home and family safe.  In addition, we offer you peace of mind by providing the most comprehensive Lifetime Warranty in the industry.  Many roof warranties are only covered by the manufacturer, but we back up our roofs with our own Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.  That means you and your roofing investment are 100% protected!

Explanation of Roof Repair Services

Residential Roof Repairs

There may be times when a simple roof repair is a better option than replacing your entire roof. For example, if you have a small leak in one spot of your home, a simple roof leak repair may work. If you notice a few shingles missing after a wind storm, a roof repair may be less costly than an insurance claim. However, if you have large sections of shingles missing, or are damaged, or you notice large leaks, you should definitely consider a complete roof replacement.

Roof Leak Repairs

When done correctly, a roof leak repair can post-pone replacing your entire roof and prevent damage to your home. SOS Roofing can provide leak repairs for your homes roof. Our professional roofing repair services are available from Brigham City to Ogden, from Morgan to Layton, and from Syracuse to North Salt Lake. Our team of highly skilled roofers can repair all asphalt and flat roofs.  We can even match the look of your existing roof.

Wind damage roof repair

It is not uncommon to experience wind damage to a roof during a severe wind storm in Utah.  Many times you will be able to see the damage because there are missing or loose shingles.  There are times, however, where you may not be able to see the damage caused by the wind.  If you are concerned about wind damage, call the roofing experts at SOS Roofing. We will come and do a FREE roof inspection. We can even help walk you through the insurance claim process to repair or replace your roof.